Vallejo PD Announces Completion and Next Steps of the Administrative investigation Related to the Officer-Involved Shooting of Sean Monterrosa
Posted on 12/02/2021

The nearly year-long independent administrative investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Sean Monterrosa on June 2, 2020 has been concluded. This independent administrative investigation is separate from the criminal investigatory review being undertaken by the California Attorney General’s Office.
In the early morning hours of June 2, 2020, Vallejo Police Department (VPD) officers were assigned to respond to reports of looting activity throughout the city. The officers encountered Mr. Monterrosa in a Walgreens parking lot. One of the officers, who reported he believed Mr. Monterrosa was carrying a gun and about to shoot at him and/or other officers on scene, fired his service rifle through a VPD Crime Reduction Team (CRT) vehicle window, striking and killing Mr. Monterrosa. The subsequent investigation revealed that Mr. Monterrosa had a hammer, not a gun. 
This investigation, conducted by an outside firm, the OIR Group, was based on interviews with the officers and supervisors who were present during the shooting and involved in the planning and response to the looting and rioting that occurred around Vallejo on the evening of June 2, 2020. The purpose of the administrative investigation is to determine whether the involved officers complied with department policy.
Where policy violations are found by an investigation, Notices of Intent to Discipline (NOIDS) are issued, signaling the initiation of the discipline process. Under the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act (POBR) and the City’s Personnel Rules and the Memorandum of Understanding with the Vallejo Police Officers Association, there is a defined process the City must follow when taking disciplinary action.  
The first step is the NOID, which notifies the employee that the City intends to pursue disciplinary action. The next step is a hearing, which allows any affected employee(s) the opportunity to present their position to a hearing officer who then makes a recommendation to the Chief of Police on the proposed discipline. Following receipt of that recommendation, the Chief will then have the opportunity to issue a final Notice of Discipline (NOD). After that, in most circumstances, the involved employee(s) may exercise appeal rights, and can appeal the matter to an independent arbitrator or board, who will then make the final decision. 
This is a robust, and often lengthy, disciplinary process that is defined not only by the City’s rules, but also state law. The Chief and the City are committed to keeping the community informed, while also being cognizant of employees’ due process and personnel rights. State law as well as a preliminary injunction issued by the Court, specifically bars the department from releasing the involved officer’s name. 
In compliance with SB1421 the final administrative report and related documents in this case will be released on December 2, 2021. Chief Williams is taking all appropriate and lawful personnel and other actions based upon the said report. Also, in collaboration with the Department of Justice, the department has made significant changes and improvements to our code of ethics and standards of conduct; use of force policies and procedures, critical incident review process, and training plans, especially as they relate to the de-escalation of force. 
“My objective in launching this third-party independent investigation was to determine the exact events of that night and to determine if the officers’ actions were consistent with department policy,” said Vallejo Police Chief Shawny K. Williams. “A life has been lost, and I want our community to know that the City and the department are committed to being open, fair and transparent throughout the investigative process. We are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that our officers are acting in accordance with the City’s policies and procedures at all times.” 
Items Released by the City of Vallejo on December 2, 2021 

  • OIR Group (third-party) administrative investigation findings and documents related to the June 2, 2020 officer-involved shooting of Mr. Sean Monterrosa
  • Additional body-worn camera video from the June 2, 2020 officer-involved shooting of Mr. Sean Monterrosa
  • Other documents related to the criminal investigation by Vallejo Police Department Detectives and Solano County DA Investigators. Please note as mentioned above that the criminal case is currently under review by the California Attorney General’s Office.

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