VPOA and City Fail to Reach Agreement on Ban of Profane and Vulgar Language in Proposed Standards of Conduct Policy
Posted on 09/04/2021
The Vallejo Police Department (“VPD”) continues to move forward with policy modifications in the larger context of modern policing. The City’s process for policy revisions includes a collaborative process with the California Department of Justice, community feedback and input from labor organizations in the City.

The VPD proposed changes to Policy 104 – Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Policy 321 – Standards of Conduct. The City reached a consensus with its labor groups on Policy 104 and will implement those changes. Additionally, the City reached agreement on most of Policy 321- Standards of Conduct with its bargaining units and will implement those portions of the policy where agreement was reached. 

However, the City and the Vallejo Police Officers’ Association (VPOA) are at an impasse on certain provisions of Policy 321. Specifically, the issue prompting this impasse is whether police officers should be permitted to use profane, vulgar or discourteous language in interactions with other officers and/or members of the public, as well as whether the use of such language can be considered an effective de-escalation tactic.

Police Chief Shawny Williams expects that employees treat each other and community residents with dignity and respect and adhere to the updated mission, vision and values statement. The use of profane, vulgar, and discourteous language is not in line with this expectation, nor with fostering a positive work culture of trust, civility and professionalism. 

The City will continue to engage the VPOA in good faith as the parties progress through the impasse process.

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